RWCU Digital Banking Services

Managing your finances is easier than ever with Red Wing Credit Union’s digital banking services. Conduct all your normal banking transactions securely and remotely. It’s fast, safe, and at your fingertips 24/7!

Online Banking

Pay bills, see account balances & credit card statements, and more.

Mobile Banking App

It’s like carrying an entire bank branch in your pocket!


A faster and safer way to view your RWCU account statements.


Zelle® is here! Fast, safe, and easy are now at your fingertips.

Online Banking

Access your Red Wing Credit Union accounts from any computer. Once logged in, you can transfer funds between accounts, check balances, view transaction history, pay your VISA card balance, and sign up for Bill Pay.

Bill Pay

Save time and skip the stamp with online Bill Pay from Red Wing Credit Union.

Bill Pay is a free service for RWCU members. Set up recurring payments, customize payees, and set up alerts when bills are due.

RWCU Online Banking

Log Into Online Banking

Touch-Tone Teller

1-877-388-5349 (toll-free)

No internet access? No problem! Touch-Tone Teller is our free audio response system that allows you to bank from your touch-tone phone 24-hours a day.

  • Request account balances
  • List recent deposits and cleared checks
  • Inquire on a specific check number
  • Transfer funds
  • Apply for an advance Line of Credit loan
  • Request a copy of a check or statement
  • Ask about the estimated monthly payment for a loan
  • Request the amount of interest earned or paid on accounts
  • Transfer funds between accounts

Call or stop in our office for more information or to receive an informational brochure that lists all possible transactions and corresponding codes.

Online Loan Applications

Apply for your next loan anytime, anywhere, using our suite of online loan applications.

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Mobile Banking App

New updates are regularly released to improve your mobile banking experience. Our latest release includes several new & enhanced card management and spend insight features. Select My Cards to access these features and learn more about your spending.

When using a wireless device such as a tablet or phone, we recommend using the mobile app over our internet-based online banking service. Turn on automatic updates to make sure your app is always current.

With the RWCU Mobile Banking app, you can:

  • Check balances and transaction history
  • Deposit checks with Mobile Deposit
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Apply and make payments on loans
  • Make Zelle® transfers to friends or family
  • Manage cards on the go with advanced controls and self-service
  • Contact our Office
Download our Mobile app today and put the power of a branch in the palm of your hand!

RWCU Mobile Android App    RWCU Mobile Banking iTunes app

Please Note: You must be enrolled in RWCU Online Banking to use the RWCU Mobile Banking app.


Touch & Face ID Available

Instead of having to remember yet another User ID and password, our Touch Login feature uses your unique fingerprint or your facial recognition to access your RWCU Mobile Banking app.

If you have Touch or Facial ID enabled on your phone, access the "More" tab and select the appropriate ID Settings option. Once the ID is enabled, you are automatically prompted for a fingerprint or facial image when the app is launched. Both can be turned off or on at any time under the More Menu.

Mobile app Touch ID

Mobile Deposits

To deposit a check from your phone, select Deposits from the menu on your RWCU Mobile Banking app. Step-by-step procedures are provided to complete the deposit.

  • Make sure you have good lighting and place check on a dark background.
  • Keep hands clear of the check while taking the pictures.
  • Make sure the back of the check is endorsed with your name and the words "For Mobile Deposit only Red Wing Credit Union".
  • Please keep checks until you can verify they've been deposited into your account via Online Banking.

Card Control Services

Gain more control of your credit and debit card usage while on the go. You can freeze a card while you determine whether it was lost or merely misplaced, and even report it stolen if necessary.

Find out more.


How do I set up the Mobile Banking app?

You must be enrolled in RWCU Online Banking in order to use the RWCU Mobile Banking app.

Log into Online Banking and select the Account Services tab. Choose Requests and click on Mobile banking enrollment. Finally, accept the terms and conditions agreement. Service descriptions are then displayed, with a comparison chart highlighting the service options available to you. Step-by-step instructions to enroll are provided.

Is my mobile device secure to use for banking?
Mobile Banking uses 128-bit SSL encryption in addition to a strong firewall to protect your account data transmission. The service locks after 3 failed login attempts, protecting you from unauthorized intrusions.

When using a wireless device such as a tablet or phone, we recommend using the mobile app over our internet-based online banking service. Please also password-protect your device.

Is there a cost for Mobile Banking?
Red Wing Credit Union does not charge a fee for mobile banking, however based on your service plan, message and data rates may apply. There are no additional fees to use Zelle® within our online banking or mobile app.
What if my phone gets lost or stolen?
If this were to happen, you should know your mobile banking access is secure.

Your account information (including your password) is not stored on the phone.
Your login session automatically times out after a short period of activity.
Your mobile access can be de-registered at any time through online banking or by calling the credit union at 651-388-7133 and asking us to suspend your account.

How do I make a Mobile Deposit?
  1. Select Deposits from the menu.
  2. Select New Deposit.
  3. Choose the account to deposit funds.
  4. Enter the deposit amount of the check.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Take a picture of the front and back of the check and submit. Make sure the check is endorsed with your name and the words "For Mobile Deposit Only RWCU" below.
Do I need to endorse the back of my check for a Mobile Deposit?
Yes, please endorse the back with your name and write For Mobile Deposit Only RWCU below. If you forget to endorse your check with the proper verbiage, your check may be rejected.
When will my mobile deposit be credited to my account?
In general, mobile deposits received by 3:30 pm CST on a business day will be granted provisional credit the same evening. Mobile deposits received on Saturdays, Sundays, federal holidays, or received after 3:30 pm CST will be granted provisional credit the evening of the next business day. All deposits are subject to Red Wing Credit Union's Remote Deposit Capture Agreement and Funds Availability Agreement.
Why is my Remote Deposit not working?
A check may be rejected if:

  • The image is too dark or the check is mutilated, folded, or torn.
  • The amount entered does not match the amount read by the scanning software.
  • The Routing and account numbers are unclear.
  • The check has previously been deposited according to our records.
RWCU Mobile Banking App


Go greener, and skip the paper! eStatements are a faster and safer way to view your Red Wing Credit Union account statement.

Instead of receiving a paper statement by mail, with eStatements you’ll receive an email notifying you that your statement is available for viewing online. The statements you see online will look exactly like the paper version, but are available instantly through our web site.

To enroll online, you will need your name, account number, and email address. You will then be asked for a password. Once you’ve signed up for the eStatement, you will receive an email each month alerting you to its availability.

Enroll today!

Benefits of eStatements

  • Speed. Faster delivery of statements; no need to wait for the mail.
  • Convenience. Access your eStatement anytime. Statements archived online for easy download, storage, and printing – no need for file cabinets, boxes, or space to store them.
  • Security. Your eStatement is protected by the latest security measures. Reduce the risk of paper statements getting lost or stolen while being sent through the mail.
  • Privacy. Your eStatement notice is sent directly to your email address.
  • Friendly to your Environment. Less printing means less wasted paper — save a tree and use eStatements!


Zelle® is now available in Red Wing Credit Union's online banking and mobile application platforms! Zelle® makes it fast, safe, and easy to send money to those you know and trust with a bank account in the U.S.

    Zelle® is a fast, safe and easy alternative to checks and cash and is easily accessible from Bill Pay in the Red Wing Credit Union online or mobile banking account. Users must make sure they are enrolled in both online banking and Bill Pay to use Zelle®. Zelle® can be used for everything from splitting the cost of the dinner bill or rent to sending money to your dog walker, with countless examples in between.

      For more than 140 million consumers, Zelle® is already available from the convenience of their mobile banking app or the Zelle® app, making digital payments a fast, safe, and easy alternative to cash and checks. Money sent with Zelle® goes directly from one bank account in the U.S. to another, using only a recipient's email address or U.S. mobile number. Funds are typically available within minutes when both parties are already enrolled with Zelle®. Consumers who are not enrolled and receive a payment notification or a request for payment can enroll through their financial institution or by downloading the Zelle® app if their financial institution does not offer Zelle®.