RWCU Checking

We offer a variety of Checking Accounts to suit everyone’ s needs!  As an added bonus, if you maintain a Checking Account with Red Wing Credit Union, you will also be entitled to a .25% discount on all consumer loans.

Checking Accounts

Pick the account that best suits your lifestyle!

VISA Check Cards

Ditch the bulky checkbook and use our ultra-secure check card.

Checking Perks

Our checking accounts are packed with extra benefits just for you!

Digital Banking

It’s like having your own personal branch at your fingertips!

Checking Accounts

Get a Checking Account with Red Wing Credit Union, and get a .25% discount on all consumer loans.

Classic Checking

  • No minimum balance
  • Unlimited checks
  • Overdraft protection available

Choice Checking
Set up direct deposit and earn interest on your checking!

Premier Checking

  • $500 minimum balance (Penalties apply for balances less than $500)
  • Higher rate of interest earnings

Golden Checking

  • Available to members age 55 and over
  • Occasional “Golden Only” gifts and freebies

Money Market Account

Want a high-dividend rate without a long-term commitment? Try a Money Market Account. You can make unlimited deposits, and up to three withdrawals or cleared checks each month, all with a minimum balance of $2500.00.

VISA Check Cards

VISA logoIt looks like a credit card, but works like a check. The Red Wing Check Card is accepted everywhere the Visa logo is displayed. You can access cash from your savings or checking account from any automated teller machine displaying a Visa logo.

It’s hassle-free! Forget about writing checks and paying interest on credit cards. Your purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account.

No fees! This service has no-annual fee or per-transaction fee. Withdrawals at Red Wing CU’s drive-up ATM also carry no fee. ATM transactions completed elsewhere are charged a minimal surcharge in addition to any fee the originating bank sets.

It’s FAST! Our “instant issuance” technology allows us to print new check cards on-the-spot. New checking accountholders can leave with a new VISA Check card in their pocket.

Receive Text Alerts. When a suspicious transaction is detected, we’ll send a text message alert from 37268 as long as we have your cell phone number on file. If you need to verify or update your cell phone number, give us a call at 651-388-7133. You can opt out of this service at any time by replying “STOP” to the short code 37268.

Lost or Stolen Check Card?

Our Mobile Banking app includes Card Secure services to freeze / unfreeze your VISA card, or cancel it yourself. You can also check for unauthorized transactions here.

If you need our assistance to cancel your check card, call 1-800-472-3272 or stop in our office. We can issue a new card along with a different access code on the spot.


ATM deposits for a Red Wing Credit Union account can only be made at the Red Wing Credit Union ATM.

Withdrawals at Red Wing Credit Union’s drive-up ATM carry no fee. ATM transactions completed elsewhere are charged a minimal surcharge in addition to any fee the originating bank sets.

Checking Perks

All checking accounts from Red Wing Credit Union are packed with extra benefits for you, including the following:

Overdraft Protection

The headaches and the costs of an inadvertent overdraft can sting. Apply for RWCU’s Overdraft Protection – Line of Credit service to automatically transfer funds into your checking account when you do not have the money to cover all processed checks.

There are no annual costs for this, nor are there any hidden usage fees. You owe nothing as long as you don’t overextend your savings. It’s like an insurance policy without the premiums!

Direct Deposit and ACH

Direct Deposit of Payroll, Social Security, and Pension Checks are free. You’ll never have to worry about your checks being lost, late, or stolen. Plus, RWCU pays interest on all checking accounts enrolled in these programs.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments allow you to automatically pay recurring monthly expenses like your mortgage, utility bills, and insurance premiums. There is no charge for this time-saving service. Simply contact the ACH or payment department of the company you want to pay.

Digital Banking

Gain instant access to perform most of your banking transactions online whether you’re at work, in your car, or at home in your pajamas at 3am.

Digital Banking includes features that our members need in today’s digital environment; online banking, electronic bill payment, mobile check deposit, account-to-account transfers, electronic statements, alerts, check reorders, find an ATM, and more.

It’s like having your own personal branch at your fingertips!

Paper Checks

You can write unlimited checks on any of our accounts. Our checks are of high quality, which reduces potential encoding errors.

Reorder Checks Online